Saxonshire 5-Layer Black Wax

Product Details: 203038 2/5 lb


A true “cheese cake.”

With its colorful cake-like layers that range from light yellow to deep orange against a backdrop of shiny black wax icing, this cheese makes a striking impression. Stick a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday!

Saxonshire is also called “Five Counties” because it combines five famous British county cheeses in layers – Double Gloucester, Caerphilly, Cheshire, Red Leicester, and Cheddar. Saxonshire has a very dramatic appearance and a pleasing flavor to match. If you are a fan of any of these British classics, this is definitely a cheese to try. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk with strips that are sometimes sharp and sometimes sweet, each bite is a dairy surprise. For your next party, serve Saxonshire and play a game of “guess the cheese!”

Fig And Almond Fruit Pyramid by Valley Produce Company

Product Details: #217993 12/2.6 oz

The perfect cheese accompaniment.

VPC fruit pyramids from Australia are made from a pound of reduced fruit and contain no added colors or flavors. VPC Fruit Pyramids are perfect served with blue, brie and cheddar cheeses. Unlike most other fruit pastes, VPC fruit pyramids are made by hand and contain 75% fruit—one pound of fruit per pyramid! No fillers or added pectin. No refrigeration required, even after opening. 

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