Pecorino, Toscano 6 Mos Oro Antico

Product Details: 053083 2/5 lb


Reserved for Greatness

Each wheel of Il Forteto Pecorino Toscano is handmade from the purest pasteurized sheep’s milk; then only the best of this DOP’s best are selected when young to become the prized Oro Antico Riserva.

Il Forteto’s master-cheesemakers carefully and consistently burnish the chosen pecorinos with olive oil as they are attentively aged in stone caves for 6 months. Half a year of dedicated
stewardship transforms the white paste to an ivory yellow, while the youthful, supple texture takes on a firmer, slightly crumbly and more granular nature. Finally each perfectly mature, glossy round receives a red wax seal of Il Forteto Oro Antinco Riserva approval.

Assuming more tang with age, Oro Antico Riserva has a beautifully balanced, complex taste that is sweet, nutty and delicately herbaceous. Ideal when paired with pears or drizzled with honey, Oro Antico Riserva also works incredibly well mixed into salads. Enjoy Il Forteto Oro Antico Riserva with Chianti, the region’s most famous wine, for an incredible Tuscan experience.

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