Celebrity Gouda Loaf

Product Details: 293050 42/8 lb


The Naked Gouda

Denmark may be more famous for their annual, summer “Naked
(running) Race”, but Celebrity brand Danish Gouda Loaf is certainly
finding fame for its bare, straight-forward presentation as well as its
naturally good taste.

Starting only with the freshest cow’s milk, Celebrity Gouda Loaf
finishes completely un-waxed to best compliment its oblong form—
achieved with a mind toward perfecting the deli sandwich. Having no
rind to cut-away, Celebrity Gouda Loaf slices and portions with ease
and efficacy.

Gouda, one of the most popular cheeses in the world, appeals to a
wide spectrum of ages for its sweet, nutty taste and smooth, creamy
texture. It adds just the right cheese flavor to any sandwich and melts
beautifully when grilled.

Celebrity brand Danish Gouda Loaf: not afraid to show the world
Gouda doesn’t have to be red, black, yellow or even round to be
totally delicious.

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