Dolomitenkönig, Swiss Type

Product Details: 054997 1/18.7 lb


Enchanted Cheese

Dolomitenkönig, a Swiss style cheese from the autonomous Alto Adige (A.K.A. Trentino-South Tyrol) area of Northern Italy, means “Dolomite King” in German, due to this mountainous
region’s shared Germanic/Italian heritage. Dwarf King Laurin, the folklore king in reference, ruthlessly ruled the majestic peaks and breathtaking valleys of the Dolomite Mountains with his dwarf army and his powerful magic. Legend gives King Laurin responsibility for the Dolomites’ awe-inspiring, rose-colored hue when he maliciously turned his beloved rose garden into stone pinnacles so no one could ever again behold his roses’ alluring beauty day or night. Unfortunately King Laurin forgot to include twilight in his wicked spell, which accounts for the spires’ mesmeric red glow at dusk and dawn.

When savoring the ennobled aroma and taste of Dolomitenkönig, one may assume King Laurin also enchanted regional cheesemaking. Made according to an ancient, local recipe, using only the highest quality milk from cows that graze solely in the alpine Pusteria Valley, Dolomitenkönig’s rich flavor has a delightfully unique touch of sweetness and hint of walnut. Meeting the required and complex maturation process of 60 days gives Dolomitenkönig its signature, slightly convex shape, velvety dark yellow rind and its smooth, soft, cherrysized-
hole-punched interior.

Best paired with wine that has a dash of sweetness, like a Chennin Blanc or a fruity Beaujolais, Dolomitenkönig is a cheese as extraordinary and evocative as the mythological sovereign for which it is named.

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