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Pride of the Region

Over 100 years ago a visionary German entrepreneur, Johann Roiner, established the first dairy in lower Bavaria and named it Innstolz (which holds the meaning pride of the region, in English).  Roiner’s philosophy was to honor and distinguish the different specialty cheeses produced throughout Germany.

All natural, masterfully smoked Bavio deliciously exemplifies the principles on which Innstolz is founded.  Made with pasteurized cow’s milk, this semi-soft, aromatic cheese is naturally ripened and gently smoked with select woods from the Bavarian mountains.  The result is a refined, mild yet savory flavor of Bavaria.

As true to its roots now as in 1898, Innstolz Käserei Roiner at Rotthalmünster is still located in Bavaria, the heart of Germany’s most dynamic cheese region, and run by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Roiner family.  Bavio’s extraordinary regional taste delivers both innovation and tradition and without question, exceptional quality.

Enjoy Bavio with a Barvaria\'s famed Hefe Weissbier.

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